I got myself a stamp! Thanks @alexheslop :D (Taken with Instagram at Le cottage)

Just got underseal in my eye. Washed my face in White Spirit and it’s still there. Going Clockwork Orange for a couple of days. (Taken with instagram)

Yesterday I was sitting in there today there’s an engine. Oh my. So close (Taken with instagram)

New cog in! Joy… Now for the plate, pulley, fuel pump, distributor, sump, radiator & head. Then we tune up :D

I’m spending this bank holiday weekend at Alex’s Uncle’s place reassembling our Toyota Hiace Camper that we bought last year.

The timing gear went and we’re replacing it a few other bits whilst it’s dismantled. This is the engine without the timing in or the radiator in front of that. 

I spent 4 hours in there cleaning of the old gaskets that had vulcanised themselves on after 37 years of 180,000 miles and heat. 

Yesterday evening we got in all the pistons and they move like silk, we checked the wear on the bores and there was pretty much none, which is incredible.

Today we reinstall the fuel pump, distributor and head.


Graduate Collection Animated Lookbook.

My sister is a badass!


If you use Panic’s Coda web-development app, thanks and guess what! We have 2 exciting new things for you. Coda 2, a seriously beefed-up (and trimmed-down) update. And Diet Coda, the potent portable iPad version for quick fixes on the go. It’s serious business.

Oh my goodness, so excited right now!!

I stare at these razor-blade packets at length everyday in @nickhand’s bathroom. They are awesome. (Taken with Instagram at The bathroom)

Went to Bristol Zoo today. Check out this guy. Can’t believe he only lives 0.8 miles from us.

My hard drive looks like Tron or something. (Taken with instagram)